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    I found this in the FAQ:

    “Use appropiate tags

    Attach appropiate categories and tags to your entries and people may find your blog through those. Be careful not to use too many tags though, try to pick the best 2-5 for your entry.”

    Could someone give me an example or two of how you use tags? I mean the actual HTML.




    We don’t code our own tags here at; we just use the Category/Tag selector on the right hand side of the Write Post page. Pick a blog at random and see how they’ve used tags, or go to Top Posts and see all the top posts and their tags. Do not, however, emulate those two blogs that use over thirty tags apiece on every post, and always the same tags; those blogs are tag spamming and are risking being deleted for trying to game the system.



    Where is the Tag selector? I can see the Category selector no problem, but for the life of me I can’t see anything related to tags.

    If Tags are in fact Categories, this should be made 100% clear. If Tags have been disabled, this should also be made clear. I’m going mad trying to find the Tag selector!



    WordPress uses Categories. Other places like index services like Technorati see them as tags.



    I used to use a technorati tag generator (built in to BlogDesk and WindowsLiveWriter) or a tag generator like Keotags. I also used lorelle’s method for a time but, in the final analysis, tagging was a time waster because index services like Technorati already picked up my categories as tags.

    This very detailed tip for advanced tagging:



    I’ve been puzzled about this as well – so, in wordpress-speak, ‘categories’ are in fact the same thing as ‘tags’? the aspect of this that has been confusing me is the fact that the categories appear to be fixed topics, or, well, categories, that appear on the main site at all times. can we also use tags to tag individual posts with keywords specific to that post, but which we do not want as fixed larger categories? for example, I have a list of categories on my main site that roughly separate the kinds of writing I post – notes, memos, meditations, letters, etc. Perhaps these should in fact be page names. But if one single post was about Ingrid de Kok or shelling peas, I would want a way to generate these tags for that one post without adding to the list on the front page.

    I hope all this verbage makes sense to someone here….thanks so much all for reading!



    Actually they are different. In wordpress, we have categories which helps folks sort and index their posts. Outside places like Technorati and the search engine spiders like Google see those category links as what are known as “tags” elsewhere.

    See the link TT gave in the post directly above yours for a work around on how to create Technorati tags that you can place within your posts that will not show up in your catgeory list. It’s a javascript that you can add into your browser.

    Hope this helps,



    I’ve come here to get some idea on tags but I’m still confused. Will take another look.


    my tags doesen`t work anymore. i wonder why. is there something I have done wrong?



    Could you be more specific about the failure? Have you searched for the error in the forums already?



    I have the same problem as sofiawinterborn.
    When clicking my ‘life’ tab, I don’t appear in the most recently written page.



    We found the problem and it is now fixed.

    The bad news: posts that were posted before and did not appear in the lists won’t. You could think about re-editing if you want.

    The good news: posts will now appear in the tags.

    Sorry for the bug.


    has anyone tried this and did it work for you (it didn’t for me, after i saved a post back to draft and re-published it, the post didn’t show up in the tags)?

    The global tag surfer still doesn’t look right, see or life or any keyword, the posts showed up didn’t even carry the tag…

    I’m sorry if I missed something. Just wanna see if anyone else had it working


    okay i just posted a new post and it did show up in the tags… so it’s just the earlier “re-post” that didn’t work

    thanks for fixing it!!



    ok. thanks. most appreciated.

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