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Adding text in the Footer

  1. Hello,
    I need to add some text in the footer (not for removing existing text), and I didn't find how to proceed (not in custom design, not in widget section,...). Is that a "theme related" functionality ?
    Thanks for your answer,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Some themes do have a widget on the bottom, Responsive for example.

    If you have the CSS upgrade, I can move this topic to the CSS forum and someone with more expertise than I have will help you.

    (edit to say that I see you do have the upgradeā€”if you subscribe to this thread, then you will be notified when there is a response)

  3. You can add plain text using the CSS "content" property. Here is an example that will add text to the footer in the Expound theme:

    .site-info:after {
    	content: "Add your text here.";
    	display: inline;

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