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adding text to catagory pages

  1. I am working on the following site; i am wondering if there is a way to put in coding so that a sidebar text box only appears in certain categories. for example, in this site, we would like to have a description of the savagemama column appear in the sidebar on only the savagemama category page. The theme i'm using is bueno. thanks in advance for any help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Afraid that's not possible at

  3. The only theme I've seen so far that offers something remotely similar is Duster. The information in the "category description" field appears on top of the category archives I believe.

  4. There are some themes that include details about the page content as classes in the body tag, I know that Sandbox and Twenty Ten do this for sure but there might be others. If you find a theme that does you can include a text widget, find its unique id and then use CSS like the sippet below to hide it all on all pages except one you want. Here's an (untested) example of the method you would use:

    #archives {display:none;}
    body.category-photos #archives {display:block;}
  5. Ah, my age is showing. I need to keep up on the newer themes.

  6. You were right in that it's not possible in the OPs current theme though!

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