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Adding text to Header

  1. I am interested in adding a small paragraph of text under my 'Tagline' in my Kubrick theme. Would CSS let me do this or would I still me limited to the two fields that are in the header currently? I actually don't need the paragraph of text to be a field, although it would be nice, as I could just modify it in the HTML code if needed. Here is an email I have sent to WordPress that further describes this. Actuall there are two questions, the other being whether I could attribute each posting to a different author. I imagine this would not be CSS-related, but I will ask anyway, as some of you might have an idea how I could achieve this. Thanks.

    One: Provide a section that would allow other writers to be credited for writing postings. As things are now, you automatically credit the name of the blog with each contribution, ie: "November 26th, 2006 by politisense" for my blog. If an article was written by and I was given permission by another, I would want it to read "November 26th, 2006 by John Doe".

    Two: Provide a small area, maybe enough room for a small paragraph, under the Tagline that could be edited to contain a small description of or disclaimer for the site in question. I have tried adding several sentences of text to the "Tagline" but it obviously wasn't designed for this, as it looks really bad and is truncated at both ends. Maybe there is a template that allows for this, but I haven't found it yet. My Weblog title is "Back to Common Sense" and its Tagline is "and Thinking for Yourself". I would want a small description of the site under the Tagline, saying something like: "Over the last several years people have strayed away from independent thinking and have embraced what the Main Stream Media prints. This is evident in our schools, workforce, politics, religion, and about everywhere that there are people. The objective of this site is to help return independent, critical thought, and in doing so this site will take a logical, common sense view of several subjects that will be supported by data or facts, encouraging the reader to investigate further and to form their own opinion."

    Could you please consider these two requests for your blog service? I believe they would be appreciated by many of your members.

  2. Set aside the css stuff for the moment and please note the following:
    (1) Header with text - Did you know that you can accomplish everything you are asking for by creating your own header (Kubrik 760 pixels x 200 pixels) in Microsoft Paint or photoshop (or a similar program) and then uploading it? If you use this method then you can simply delete the title and tagline on the General Options page in your blog because you will have already put them on the header.
    (2) As you have noted the Kubrik theme already allows for a single tagline and you can add it on the General Options page. IMO it's not likely this space will ever be expanded as a 1 line tagline is the status quo.
    (3) Most people choose to post a disclaimer on a separate page like the one on my blog here http://bloggersblurt/
    (3) There are themes that have author's page templates for attribution for example K2 Lite does. Other folks who choose other themes simply create a parent category entitled Authors and sub-categories for each individual author by name and then assign categories to the posts as appropriate. And some authors simply provide their own byline when they make a post.
    (4) "Over the last several years ..." This kind of text can be inserted into a text widget and displayed in your sidebar.
    In other words you can accomplish what you want without css customization.

  3. Thanks Timethief.

    Avoiding CSS changes can only be a good thing. Your disclaimer is great.

  4. @politisense
    I'm glad I could be of help but I'm also puzzled. The link I placed to my blog above yesterday is not functional. Click it and you get the error message "server not found" so I'm assuming that one of two things happened. The link was originally working and you used it or else you just clicked on my username and found the disclaimer page on my blog. Hmmmm ... let's see what happens to the link this time.
    Edit: The new link is working. :)

  5. Yeah. I noticed that you had slashed rather than dotted and made the adjustment before looking at your site. These things happen to me when I forget to copy and paste.

    Are all the articles in your side-bar linked? There are many of them. Is this what is meant by linking?

    As is very obvious I am sure, my time with WordPress is very short. I hope to learn and implement many features in the future, but now I am still wondering what is possible and what blogs really are.

    I appreciate your comments.


  6. @politisense
    Yes the articles in my sidebar are all linked. This is done automatically through the use of the widgets (recent posts, recent comments, top posts). As you have noted the articles in my blog are how-to posts written at a very user friendly non-techy level. Here are some that may be helpful to you.
    (1) This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources.
    (2) And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.
    (3) Lastly, this one will help you with images in text widgets.
    P.S. A blog or weblog is simply a web page that scrolls chronologically like a journal and contains links to other websites of interest. In other words a blog can be almost anything you want it to be.
    Happy blogging!

  7. Thanks again.

    Here is another question, but an entirely different topic. Since you have likely addressed this, and do in your disclaimer, I thought you might be able to help me with an answer to it too.

    There will be times that I want to post an article from another writer that I found somehow. It would be relevent, attributed to the writer, and unaltered. My question is: what type of permission do I need? The WordPress support people error on the safe side, saying you always need permission. This may not be possible, as many writers wouldn't take the time to respond to an email. Is there a place on the Internet that spells out what is allowed without direct permission? Your help will be appreciated again.


  8. answer moved to the other thread on the same subject

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