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    I’m very new to css, and would appreciate your help.

    I would like to add some text above the “theme by…” part in the footer (a short description of my yoga course).
    I searched the forums, but couldn’t find a solution that worked.

    Is it even possible?

    The changes I applied to the footer so far:

    #footer {

    Thanks in advance!


    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t think it’s possible, not even with CSS.



    It’s not because we don’t have access to the PHP files.



    OK, thank you for your answers and time.

    Is it maybe possible to just add text that will appear on all pages, above, below or anywhere near the footer or anywhere else on the page? I think it’s very important google wise.

    And also, is it a problem with this specific template, or is it that way in all wordpress blogs?



    It’s not a problem, you just can’t access those PHP files.
    Not in Ambiru (Our theme! Yahoooo!! xD), not in other themes.

    I guess you want to add some meta tags or something? Well we aren’t able to do that either.
    “Can I upload meta tags / sitemap for the search engines?
    That is not possible. Google and most other search engines ignore meta tags.”

    – Lora


    Since this is a multi-user platform we all share the same files, and so we cannot access or change the underlying theme PHP files because any change is a change for everyone, not just for you, and if the change broke something, everyone using that theme would have a broken blog.


    For most themes it’s possible by using appropriate html in a text widget. But not in Ambiru or other non widget-aware themes.


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    Couldn’t you use a sticky-post to place the html code instead?
    But there is still the problem of making it appear on the bottom, as with the Digg 3 theme?

    For that matter,
    Could not the op just use a plain sticky post tell readers, “a short description of my yoga course?”



    It is possible with CSS but my experience with use these type of CSS classes is that they don’t appear in Internet Explorer, you can try this,

    div#footer:before { content: " ME WANT SOMETHING TO EAT. WORDPRESS ROCKS! Life is like a box of chocolates, but at least you know you're getting chocolates :D  "; font-size: 1.7em; padding-left: 1em;}

    It gets messy if you can’t fill at least one complete line, and always include a space after you finish typing. I’m just throwing this out there as a possible option.


    @tess: rutke wants “text that will appear on all pages”, so a sticky post won’t do. But she also thinks “it’s very important google wise”; then, as lorawow said, she’s thinking of meta-tags, and she’s wrong.


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    Ah. Right. Didn’t think of that.



    So many posts! Fun! Thank you all for your time.

    Actually I wasn’t thinking meta tags, but just a regular text sentence to really appear on the pages, it would translate into something like:

    Ruti Smoliakov – Vijnana Yoga lessons and general thoughts about yoga

    I had great experience google wise with this kind of text on a Blogger blog I have on a different subject.

    In any case, If this cannot be done on the ambiru theme because it does not support widgets, that’s good to know as well. Thank you all again.

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