Adding the “More” tag breaks up my layout

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    I do not have the post published because 1) its a bit long for one post (with multiple images) 2) when I add the “more” tag it takes the content in my right column in the Digg 3 theme and places it below my last post on my page, adding the small :) face as the only thing in the right column. Anyone know how to fix this or has had a similar problem? I have tried removing pictures and such but the only thing that fixes it to display correctly on the home page is by removing the more tag.


    OK I decided to add the post I just made the pictures smaller, you can find it here:

    I place the more tag after “crying in thye dark.” after first paragraph, and then it becomes all weird. I might just leave it like it is now anyway…


    The more tag can be a little finicky. What you experienced was due to the more tag being inserted before a closing tag. There are a few simple things to keep in mind.

    1. Put the more tag on its own line.
    2. Do not put it within a paragraph, blockquote, ordered or unordered list.
    3. If you have a block of italic or bold text, end the bold or italic before placing the more tag (on its own line), then activate the text formatting again after the more tag (beginning of next paragraph.

    Those three things should typically keep you out of trouble.



    Also worth trying:

    1. Go to the Settings / Writing tab of your dashboard

    2. Check the box that says “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and click Save Changes


    thank you guys



    This helped me SO much with my problem with large fonts in my widgets/sidebar and also the bit about XHTML nesting–gad, I’ve been pulling my hair out all afternoon trying to figure how I messed up. Another forum post that said not to cut and paste from WORD was also a BIG help.

    This all started with trying to use the READ MORE thingy.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.

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