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    Hi, new to WP and trying out different themes. I found one that is not part of the 93 that wp offers in the apperance panel. However, I am having WP host my site while I am developing it. I have found a theme that I want to try (Suffusion) but it is not in the list of choice WP offers. How do it install it if I don’t have access to the WP server I am currently on?

    Oh, while I have your ear. Once I get the site looking the way I want, is there anyway to transfer it to my server and domain?

    This WP stuff is rather fun and all you veterans look like a knowledgeable and helpful bunch.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    YOu cannot add external themes to a WordPress.COM blog. They are only for WordPress.ORG blogs. We don’t have the right kind of access here.

    You can transfer the contents of a blog to an externally-hosted site easily using the export/import features.

    So, basically in order to get it looking the way you want, you might as well start out with and hosting in the first place.



    Thanks for the info raincoaster. I think I will set something up on Godaddy since they make it push-button easy to install WP. I will use the export function on the free site to save the stuff I have already done so I don’t have to start over.

    Thanks again!!



    YOu’re welcome and good luck.

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