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    i would like to add the title /main / front page to the page list , but it starts with H so it would not be at the top , harry

    The blog I need help with is



    If you If you select Page order, you take control over the ordering. You will need to set the Page Order option for each page. The way to change the order in which static pages are displayed is found here >



    I’m sorry I missed a space above – here’s we go again


    thanks again i’ll try that to-morrow , bed time here , i got the tiling page under way i think so far so good lots of text / info to put in at the bottom yet , still learning as you can see , harry



    Hang in Harry. There’s a learning curve involved and as long as you remain calm and keep communicating with us you will do fine. :)


    sorry for not explaining it right but it was a good link , i want the home page link in the side bar pages list but to stay at the top always so as you go through the pages you can return at any time which you cannot now ( no link ) , harry



    You can return to the home page by clicking on the title of the blog; it’s a link straight to the home page.


    i never even thought of that , thank you , then if i wanted to can i add the full title to pages or would that not work


    Create a new page and put this in its title box:
    <a href="">Home </a>
    Then use page ordering, astimethief suggested.

    Attention: if you change the wording, make sure you don’t remove the space I’ve got after “Home”.


    thank you , after a few tries it seems to be working , as i said before at 65 i’m new to this , harry


    You’re welcome! Yes it’s working. (And we were all new to this once, no matter what the age.)

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