Adding Trunkt and Etsy widgets to my sidebar

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    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. I just moved to WordPress 2 days ago and find everything wonderfully easy, but am stumped on this one. I am unable to add my Etsy and Trunkt widgets to my sidebar. I understand I need to load the code I get from those sites into a text box in my side bar. I do this, save, and get just a line of code showing instead of my beautiful widget. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help.



    It really depends on the code these widgets want you to use. If the code itself is a javascript, embed, flash or another scripting language other than HTML, then it might not work as it is a security issue with blogs and gets stripped out automatically. Do they have widgets specifically made for or just HTML?



    Some have put an image in a text widget that links to their etsy shop. I’ve seen this.


    For reference, WordPress says a link to your own Etsy shop is within the TOS and OK:



    Numerous people want to buy Tshirt sort of stuff from my blog, but I hastily deleted any reference to this when suddenly found out you couldn’t do anything commercial. if etsy is allowed, was I too hasty?



    I am still unable to put either a Trunkt or Etsy widget on my blog, which is a drag. It was an easy upload on blogspot. Anyone know how I can achieve this here at WordPress?


    I’m pretty sure the widgets you are talking about are javascript, which is not allowed here due to security concerns. . If you want to post the code here, between backticks (the key to the left of the #1 key on the north american keyboard with the ~ on it) we can look at it, but typically it is javascript.

    As I said, what you can do is put an image link, or a link in a text widget that would take someone to you etsy shop. I’ve seen that before. The widgets are most likely a no-go though.



    I was 100% certain I answered this, but maybe my computer crashed before I hit Post:

    The Etsy Widget won’t work here. It’s the code they use; if they offered one that was HTML only, that WOULD work. Meanwhile, do as tsp suggests and put an image with a link in your sidebar.

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