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    I am trying to add a .txt file to verify I own this website and domain in order to sell it on
    How do I add this .txt file to verify I own this site.

    I also have the option to add a meta tag.

    The blog I need help with is



    Meta tags are completely outdated. Google no longer uses them.

    Where are you supposed to add the file? You can’t access the theme on


    It just tells me to upload it to the site so they can verify it.
    They need to be able to go to this link.

    And i cannot add it to media because they do not accept a .txt file


    You cannot upload a .txt file. It is not an allowed file type here at wordpress.COM.


    ok thats a dud.

    So where can i add the meta tag cause I can verify with that too


    Do i need to upgrade to something or is there a way to sneak it on the home page?
    I tried everything I can think of and its not working


    You cannot add a meta tag. We do not have access to the underlying theme files since this is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same wordpress core and theme files. If you were allowed to modify a theme, it would change it for everyone using that theme.

    Short answer: you are out of luck.


    ok what about the domain, i purchased it with them, shouldnt I be able to connect to that server/domain with FTP and upload files??


    You would have to stop the domain mapping and then hire a web host and then point the domain name to that new web host (godaddy, bluehost, dreamhost, etc.). Since your blog is actually located here, you would then have to install and configure the self-hosted version of the wordpress software on that host and then transfer all your posts, pages and such from wordpress.COM over to that new host.

    Figure a cost of $7 to $20 per month for hosting services alone.


    WordPress.COM simply isn’t set up for this type of thing. This is a blogging service meant to allow people to blog without having to think about such things.



    We don’t have FTP access here.



    Although we cannot edit templates and change any meta data as we are all on the same multi-user blogging platform, and all blogs wearing the same theme are in essence using the same template, we can verify our blog ownership of blogs using this method >

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