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    For the past​ three hours I”ve try CSS coding for custom font. I’ve gone into inspector, added embed code into the head. I even found the element I was looking for copied the code into CSS stylesheet and added the font I wanted that way. But it keeps rejecting my coding. What is the solution?

    This is the font I want to use:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, at Customize > Fonts, we have a good selection of Typekit and Google fonts that you can choose from. You can select two, one for headings and one for the base font. We cannot add additional fonts, such as edo to our sites here.

    When working in the web inspector, you are only changing local copies of the files stored temporarily on your computer, so they will not be permanent. On modifying the “head” section, adding the code there would not load the font since that happens when the web page loads, and adding something to the head section does not force that to load.

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