adding unordered lists to text widget?

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    How do I add an unordered list to the text widget?

    I’m using:

    • 1st list item
    • 2nd list item

    and it’s not showing up as a list.

    Any thoughts?



    What’s the link to your blog please, starting with http://?


    You know, the easiest way is to use the visual post editor (write > post). Get all of what you want in there and formatted as you wish, then click on the “code” tab at the top of the editor, select all of what is there, copy it to the clipboard and then paste it into the text widget.



    OK, this is not really the most elegant solution, but unfortunately it seems that css-formatting for lists gets stripped off from widgets (can’t figure out why), so I tried the old way round (I guess this might be a hint on my age…), with tables:

    <tr><td>-</td><td>1st list item</td></tr>
    <tr><td>-</td><td>1st list item</td></tr>

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