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    A friend is trying to add me as an editor to their blog, but for some reason, it’s not connecting my main profile (the one I do all my blogging with that’s attached to multiple blogs) to her blog; it’s creating a whole new account.

    What gives?



    Is she trying to add you via username or email? If it’s not the same email address associated with your username, it won’t recognize you.

    If that’s not the case and both things match up, you might want to contact Support about this.



    Both emails match, and we tried adding via username and email, but each time it told her to make me a new account



    Update: We believe it’s because she’s self hosted ( instead of hosted by WordPress. Can anyone confirm this?


    I have an issue that while not the same as the above seems closely related. I am the administrator of the blog Learning from Dogs. I also set up another Blog to be used by a group under the name of

    I wanted to add another person, Rob I., as an administrator and sent him the invite. Rob accepted the invite. Rob has a WordPress account.

    When Rob attempts to access it defaults to which is the URL for the Home page. Meanwhile on my All Users tab it continues to show Rob’s invitation as ‘Waiting’.

    Any clues as to what is going awry would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance, Paul.



    @missvalena – Yes, if she’s self-hosted you would have to create a new account on her website separate from


    Miss Valena, your reply is appreciated. However, I’m being a bit slow in understanding what you mean by ‘create a new account’? Rob and I both have our own accounts but I sense you are referring to something else?




    Miss Valena: and are not connected. You will need to create a new blog at your friend’s site as ceo says.



    @learning: Not sure what your issue could be there. Perhaps start another thread on it?

    @ceo and raincaoster: Thank you!


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