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    I’m trying to add a WP user as an author and keep getting the message, “That email address does not belong to any user here.” What seems to be the problem? Is this related to earlier site maintainance?

    This happened one other time for reasons still unbeknownst to me.



    Are you using the email address that they signed up with? I know it sounds silly but seems like that’s usually the issue. We had a high school teacher in here a few months back who was using the school account and most of his students had used their offsite email accounts to sign up with.



    It doesn’t sound silly to me. I’ve had users e-mail me from one account and use another to sign up with WP, which is why I know have users confirm the address they used to sign up for their WP account. So, in this case, having the wrong e-mail address doesn’t seem to be the problem.

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