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Adding Users/Contributors

  1. I would like to invite 60 people to become contributors. I added the first two - it was confirmed with a sentence like so and so has recieved an invite.
    After attempting to invite the next few people I just get a screen saying please complete the form, with a fresh form. At the bottom I see, the 2 people that have already been invited.
    I have tried 5 people and need to invite another 58!

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Do all of the people you are inviting have IDs? Did the two you successfully invited have them?

    You might try the Cookie Dance: log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart computer. That often cures problems like this.

  3. Is there no BULK Import users? that seems to make sense so I can fire out 1 email to 200 users.

    We're migrating from a custom database that I'm tired of maintaining, so is there no bulk import and email users invites?

    That is in the works.. right? :)


  4. AFAIK there is no BULK import for users. You'd have to ask staff if it's in the works. Most of us here are volunteers.

  5. Kewl, Understood.. I'm certainly not complaining, perhaps more inquiring for my ignorance... it could of been there and I over looked it!



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