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    Any chance we can have Viddler added to the list of supported video embeds?

    Here’s a good reason:



    Hi there,
    Staff have asked that all ideas for new features be sent to them by away of a feedback listing the reasons you would like to see the feature introduced. As support is closed except for urgent matters on weekends please send in your feedback on Monday.



    I second the request. Any possibility to get support for this format?




    Send feedback to staff when it opens back up on Monday. Make sure to include the reasons you want to see this feature.



    It is supported, just not documented anywhere that it is supported.



    oh, really? it’s good to know.

    would you please care to share with us the proper fauxml format for embedding a Viddler’s video?



    It’s in his blog. Good post, too.


    Well, here is what was embedded in this post (if it will show up):

    <embed width="437" height="370" allowfullscreen="true" name="viddler" allowscriptaccess="always" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src=""/>




    A great post – thumbs up! Thanks for sharing this. :)


    At the Viddler site, if you click on Menu in the lower right of a video screen, a row of menu selections appear at the top of the video screen. Select “embed” and then click on the “” button and it will give you the code that will work with .com. See it in action at my test blog: . This is the code I inserted:

    [viddler id=60c71ad&h=437&w=370]


    The only thing that doesn’t seem to work is the audio, but if you click on the volume button and the click at the top of the slider and pop it up to the top, the audio will them come through.


    The volume thing I described above is only a problem on Mac with either Safari 3 or Firefox. IE7 on XP it is not a problem.



    yep, that’s an issue of Viddler’s flash player.

    there’s another one: an additional parameter ‘&t=##’ (where ## stand for the frame # to start with) doesn’t seem to work either — video always starts playing from the very beginning, instead of ‘progressive’ fast-forward skipping to the desired timeframe mark. although, admittedly, I was never been able to use it successfull on the Viddler site itself.


    I hadn’t played with the frame #, but I did drop them a comment in their contact form and I’ll post back here if and when they reply.



    Try the Veoh Firefox plug in. Works very well for me.

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