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adding vodpod links trhough widgets

  1. would like to know if i can add a vodpod to each page i have on my blog rather than just the home page

  2. No, widgets go in the sidebar and thus can't be unique to a page. If the video is a supported format here at, you can post the specific video right in your blog post or page, like a YouTube or Google video.

    Although, re-reading your question, maybe you've chosen a theme that doesn't display a sidebar in all views; if that's the case, just switch themes.

  3. Thanks. What if ig get a sidebar in allpages then can i put it in separately or just have the one same set of widgets for all pages..
    hoping you'll clarify

  4. It will be the same exact set of widgets for every page, post, and view in which sidebars are displayed.

  5. it sounds like you're using a theme that does not display the sidebar on every page. You will need to change themes in order to have this work.

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