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    Hi! I really need help on this one… well, my blog is (you need to go there real quic to know what I’m talking about) and I want to add a horizontal widget for peta2 ( under the green banner where there is a picture of me. How do I do this? I’ll be forever in your debt if you help me with this! Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is


    Can anyone please help me??


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    Widgets can be added only to your sidebar.

    It might be possible with some CSS trickery to add a banner below your header picture, but that would mean a paid upgrade. Also note that you should not buy the upgrade unless you have working knowledge of CSS. There is no official support for it here.


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    Also please be aware that people answering your questions here in the forums are volunteers, and a wait of less than 20 minutes means that you are getting a very fast answer. In most forums you would wait much much longer; repeating your question won’t bring you a faster answer.


    Thanks, @1tess!


    You can place a horizontal banner below the header if you switch to one of the very few themes that include a frontpage notice option – see 4th paragraph here:


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    oh, I’m sorry: I completely forgot about that.

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