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Adding Widgets Not Listed...?

  1. I want to add WP-o_matic, SimplePie Core, and YARPP...but they are not listed as options.
    Can I still add them and where can I find them?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Those aren't widgets, they are plugins. Plugins are not allowed here: .

    You can add widget code to text widgets, but most widget code out there has javascript or flash or other types of code that is not allowed here due to security concerns: . The code has to be plain HTML, and is limited to the HTML shown in the support document.

  3. We were down that road this very morning. A quick forum search will almost always turn up the answer.

  4. After looking through the forums today, I think I just decided the material for my first Skype class; I'm going to do one on Starting Out on The problem is connecting with all those people who are just about to Start out on, obviously. But they all need to hear the exact same thing.

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