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Adding widgets to HTML - TweetMeme & AddThis

  1. I'm looking for a place to add plugins or third party widgets to my blog. I don't see an option on my dashboard for adding these. I want TweetMeme & AddThis. Two very common/popular widgets.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Plugins cannot be used on - - so TweetMeme will not work at the moment.

    You can add a javascript-less AddThis button to your posts -

  3. 3rd party widgets are normally placed in text widgets. Mind you, Javascript and such is not allowed on, so most widgets will not work:


  4. Tweetmeme used to have a plain HTML option for their widget, but I think they got tired of me telling them it did not work and reporting bugs and problems, and so that option has been pulled - at least it hasn't been an option for the past month or so.

    Send your request for teetmeme directly to staff so that they can log the request: .

  5. Yeah, It causes a lot of inconvience. Compared with Blogger,
    We don't have many widgets to choose. I hope any one could help me fix
    fix it.

  6. estabilidadefinanceira


    Gostaria de adcionar uma widgets do uol noticias no meu blog e criar uma página com minha respostas do yahoo! respostas, mas onde "colo" o código fonte?

    Tem essa opção?

    Meu blog:

  7. check this for sharing:) will love me!

  8. You might also want to check out GetSocial for

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