Adding Widgets under each Blogposts? I would like that.

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    I had an Idea that it would be great to have the possibility or Option to add any of the cool Widgets also under each Blogpost.

    What do you think? That would give us a lot of more possibility like having the own top liked or viewed blogposts under each post we create.. to have twitter under each post and so on…

    What do you think?

    The blog I need help with is


    I support that idea too and hope WP will consider this functionality.

    The flip side of the coin (from WP’s perspective) is that some people could go overboard with inserting widgets and end up laying on massive pressure on WP servers and stuff.

    Nonetheless, the idea is a nice one.


    I didnĀ“t think about the servers.. but that is really a good point. I am nosy if it would be possible without causing to heavy server loads. In other words.. Does have enough capacity for features like these?



    Why don’t you just switch to a theme that has footer widgets?


    The Theme I use does support footer widgets but if you use a sidebar which is long, then it will cause that the footer start where the sidebar ends.

    What I do request here is a a blogpost widget feature and not a footer widget.



    I’ve asked about it back in 2008. Matt came up with this at first.

    I’m still waiting for a related posts feature and haven’t heard anything since. By related posts I’m of course talking about related posts from your own blog based on e.g. tags, categories, …

    When Matt talked about his favorite plugins back in 2009 at Tekzilla he mentioned YARPP (Yet another related post plugin) and how it amazed him when he discovered he had already been blogging about something in the past. The increased traffic on your blog is a benefit too.

    I’m surprised till this day that we still don’t have related posts on


    That is one great example why I would love to see this.

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