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Adding WordPress Blog to External Website

  1. Okay,

    I have read through so many things on the forums about using WordPress in an external site and building the website within WordPress to accomplish the same result. Well this question is a little different:

    Basically, I have three websites that will be linked back to one WordPress blog so I can feed the articles to the 3 sites so I do not have to go to each site and post the same thing. Is there a way to place an RSS feed within each site that link to the WordPress, but is also self-contained? For example, here is the feed and an interesting article on the home page. I want to click on that link but it take me to another page within the website instead of to WordPress.

    I was able to find a tutorial on how to set up a full article feed on a page, but an RSS feed on the home page could not link to it. Bottom line, is there a way I can incorporate one WordPress blog to be almost completely self-contained (meaning comment, other articles, categories, etc.) within an external site and able to be placed in three different sites?

    Thank you for any help. :)

  2. Are you referring to free hosted blogs?
    Are you referring to installs?
    Are you attempting to create duplicate content across domains? does not provide tools that can be used to create duplicate content blogs. Please read > types of blogs allowed and not allowed
    Also note how Google views duplicating content across domains and that their Panda algorithm will detect duplication >

  3. Every wordpress blog has an RSS feed for comments and for posts (entries). We do not provide support for installing the capacity on your website to draw the RSS feeds from your blogs on this support forum.
    On your website you will have to write something in PHP or javascript to do that. Here are a couple options:
    For support for your website you must post to

  4. Thank you for the links that you have provided. :)

  5. You're welcome.

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