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Adding WordPress RSS feed to My Yahoo

  1. Hello.

    I have a blog on WordPress and tried to add its RSS feed
    ( to My Yahoo.
    My Yahoo seems to recognize it first, but when I try
    to actually add the feed, nothing happens.

    I found then on Yahoo's support page a comment to check if the
    RSS feed is properly formed by going to the FEED Validator
    ( and testing the feed. I did it and
    get the message that my feed is valid, but may cause problems
    for some users since it uses several times "content:encoded".

    Any idea how to fix either the feed or have My Yahoo recognize
    my feed?


  2. I don't normally send folks over to the forums but you can find a discussion and a work around over there.

    It's listed as being a warning so it should be fine though.

    *chuckle* Matt's opinion on FeedValidator by the way.

    I just added it fine to

    Try the suggestion I pointed you to at the forums and see if Yahoo takes that.

  3. I just changed Options > Reading > Syndication Feeds from “Full text” to
    “Summary” but Yahoo still doesn't take it. And the FEED Validator still
    finds "content:encoded".

    Any other ideas?

  4. I don't quite know where to point the finger.
    If Yahoo had a problem with WP feeds, we'd have a lot of people making a lot of noise.
    The validators are not showing errors, just warnings - and as such Yahoo should still be able to read them.

    Read Matt's post about the validators. Their opinion is not to be held above all others and we have no clue as to how well their code actually works.

    If other services can take your feed and Yahoo cannot then I'd say they have the issue right now.

  5. Got the same problem, but it try it everyday again and it will show up

  6. My feed goes properly into Yahoo FWIW

  7. Well, I just tried it again and Yahoo took it this time ... strange. Thanks dennispater.

  8. May have been something on Yahoo's side.

  9. Hallo,

    I have a similar problem and was told that the lien <rss version="2.0" xmlns:media=""> is possible the problem. How can i change the code for the feeder (if at all) ?

    This is the advice that I get:

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