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  1. I was wondering if I could have my WordPress address,, to be I had this idea becuase the Urban Semitoic,, is able to go Try it. It really works. Thanks.

  2. I see that you have already purchased a domain and your address is

    Actually the www does not belong in your url at all or in any url's of any blogs hosted by WordPress did not choose to have the www because 30% of those browsing the net will not find it and because some search engines will also not find it.

    I don't understand what your question is. Could you try to state it again please?

  3. you shouldnt mention what name you want to register.....names are like real estate....Someone could read it then swiftly run to and register it...Then turn around and sell it back to you...Just some friendly advice.

  4. Thanks headmasterz

    What my question is, can I delete the "wordpress" part in my address?

  5. The answer is no. Only after you purchase a domain and the domain mapping is complete can you then delete the


    If you try to take it out the now you will not connect with your blog.

  6. Answer is yes.

    Pick up the domain mapping upgrade. Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domain.

    The issue with the 'www' bit is when you use it in this way:

    The 'teenfg' bit takes the place of the 'www' bit. They do not coexist. 30% of the net and most search engine spiders can't or won't follow such a link. It also doesn't reflect well on you.

    Hope this helps,

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