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    well, this is a simple question.

    i would like to change my address from to since i dont want to use my real name on the internet.

    point is that address is already taken from a guy that hasn’t uploaded anything on it since 2007; it only has 1 post (the first one). clearly that person is not using the blog anymore.

    so, what do i do?
    do i try to contact that person, what if he doesnt answer?

    do i just leave that be and use a different address anyway?

    to the people reading this, thanks for your time

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry, but we do not reuse or reassign blog names on

    If you like, you can attempt to contact the owner of that blog and ask them if they would like to transfer it to you. You can do this by either leaving them a message using a contact form if it exists, or leaving a comment on an existing page or post requesting they contact you.

    If you are able to reach the blog owner and they are willing to transfer the blog to you, here are the instructions they can use to do that.

    If they do not respond or refuse the transfer, you will need to select a different name for your blog.

    Keep in mind we also offer an upgrade for custom domain names and you can use any blog URL underneath a custom domain. For more details about how domain mapping works:



    well macmanx, i appreciate you took 3 mins to reply my question with the most clear answer. really really thanks

    i will try to reach the owner in any case



    You’re welcome!

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