Addressing a few posting issues with the new dashboard

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    I’ve been checking out the forums this weekend, and noting all of the problems people seem to be having with their posts. I’d like to make a suggestion – download Windows Live Writer and write your posts in there. WLW has a built in spell-check, and you can view/edit the time stamp. You can format your paragraphs and fonts (if your theme allows that) as well. WLW will upload your pictures in your posts also, and you can arrange/size them to suit. You can also create new pages in WLW, as well as edit your existing ones. You can also allow/disallow comments and pings from WLW too. Oh, and you can paste in YouTube videos also, in the HTML view. You can also get several plug-ins from WLW to personalize it for things such as adding Technorati tags and a word count.

    What WLW will NOT do is change your theme, show you your comments, or do anything with your sidebar. That includes your blogroll, and any widgets you might be using.

    No, I do not work for Windows, I just really love this product. And I think it might help a lot of people. If you’re interested, you can find it here: The download link is in the upper left corner. And it’s free.


    For those that may get here looking for answers to formatting issues with the wordpress editor, see this thread: .



    @sacred – as always, good advice. Thank you. :)

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