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    I am aware of the fact that I cannot place advertisements on my blog. So I would like to host it myself. I have searched the FAQ and Forum for hours and I cannot find an answer to my question, which is the following:

    Can I move my WordPress blog to another server and keep the layout, articles and comments? I have researched, but I have not found the answer.

    I love my account and its layout, but I would like to place some small advertisements and make a web shop. Can someone please tell me the best, easiest and cheapest way to do this?




    When you export and import it’s the contents, posts, comments, and links that you move. You do not move the theme or as you call it “lay-out” and you wouldn’t want to anyway because you couldn’t run it on a different platform.

    The version of Rounded that you are using here has been specially coded to run on multiuser software only. However, it an old theme and you can probably get one that looks just like it over at with the exception that the coding will be different.

    Once you have either hired a web host and had him/her download the theme for you or you’ve downloded it to your own server and are running it yourself then you can get adsense and other advertising free of charge. (Web hosting is not expensive $6-$8 per month.)

    Also there are people here who will do the installation for free for you if you think you have the skills it takes to self-host. 2.1 is the latest version of wordpress. More info at They will not however do the updates. You’ll have to do them your self.



    So, can I, or can’t I get my rounded theme? My visitors are used to it, so I want to keep that theme. Besides, I love it!

    But I can keep my articles and comment when I move? I wish WP had a feature that I can “purchase” the theme when I move. I actually do not want to move, but there is no other way to add adds and a shop…

    Do I have to go to for more information, or can you guys help me too?



    The themes here have been specially coded to run on a wordpress multiuser blogging platform only. The originally coded version of that theme can be downloaded from if you move to self hosting or web hosting.

    I already explained in the other post above this one that you can move your posts, comments and links. The “lay-out” (theme) as you call it is not would be no good to you anyway because it is not coded to run on your server. More info at

    Once you leave here you cannot get support here any more because you will have a blog that runs on with different software than we do. Once you get a blog you will go to to ask questions and get answers.



    Thank you very much for your fast reply. So, If I understand it correctly, I can move the contents of my blog, but not the layout?

    The only way to obtain the layout is to contact the theme designer and ask
    (read: beg) him to adapt the theme to my new blog and according programs? (And pay him to do so.) Or ask a webdesigner to make a new layout that looks very similar to the one I have now?



    Yes you can move the contents. No you cannot move the theme. The Rounded theme like all the others here was originally designed to work on the other software at The coders here changed the code so it could run on this wordpress MU (multi-user) blogging platform, the one we are on now working on at

    You do not have to pay the theme designer or beg anyone for anything. All themes you download from came from the designers free of charge. And you download them from free of charge.

    What’s important is whether or not you have the skills to self host because you will not get the same kind of support as you do here. People will help you install the blog theme free of charge but they will not do your work for you after that.

    Keeping your blog up and running, updating it as required and fixing it when you break it will be your own responsibility. It’s not like here at where the geeks do the back-end fixing for you and you just blog.



    Dear timethief,

    My write post box has changed to code format and does not give the visual option. How do I get back into the visual mode? I thank in advance for your reply.




    Wait fifteen minutes, clear your browser cache, and do a forced reload of the page. Also, if that doesn’t work, check your options; it may have been reset to HTML by accident.



    Hitting some high points.

    You can get the contents of the your blog by exporting it out. Here‘s the FAQ on teh subject. Please note that the current download of WordPress includes the importer so that you don’t need it any more.

    As to the theme, yes you can obtain it yourself. The original version of Rounded is available for download from here along with a newer beta version from here. Please note that if you use widgets you may want to install the widget plugin which is available from here. Do note that since you would be hosted on a server in your own account, you would have complete access to the themes and you could do any editing that you wanted so widgets would not be required.

    The editor option is at Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile -> make sure that box is checked at the top of the page.

    Hope this helps,

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