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    I followed the instructions here

    I noticed that it is only letting the users share the whole blog website even though I have added the code to the individual blog post. How do I change the code so it only shares the individual blog post when inserted in the blog post itself?

    The blog I need help with is



    Like you, I never got the addthis button to work as advertised in that support doc. I switched to AddtoAny. Dead simple to set up, dead simple to use.



    Addthis can be added to a blog post just as easily as justjennifer has been adding Addtoany in her blog posts – in the exact same technique!
    This post has all the instructions:
    How to add Addthis in a blog post in ONE click

    I wonder if you know…
    The difference between Addthis and Addtoany:
    Addthis provides Analytics, Addtoany doesn’t. Addtoany has an email form that works, Addthis doesn’t. But you can customize the code to make it include the working email form. if you are interested, just give me your Addthis username and I will code it for you.



    I noticed that it is only letting the users share the whole blog website even though I have added the code to the individual blog post.
    Actually it does other things also:
    WordPress pranks – prank no. 4



    @justjennifer, thanks, AddtoAny worked like it should.

    @sanjidas, I do wish to check the analytics. I tried to follow your instruction. At this page, you are asking to use the bookmarklet. I am not sure where to get the bookmarklet that would work on



    I wrote it for – I actually dissected the share button code by Addtoany to create the Addthis code and it works in every way that Addtoany does.



    You mean you wrote the Addthis bookmarklet yourself which is specific to

    My Addthis username is ismailimail, please share the code for me so I can plug it in to my post.



    @sanjidas, thank you for your help. I missed one of your link earlier (grab the bookmrklet). I am all set now, this bookmarklet works like it should. Will see how the analytics go.



    I have quite a bit of work to do to create your custom button… Give me a bit of time. Your custom Addthis button is coming up! :D
    Meanwhile, if you think you’d like a different button, go ahead, upload it in your blog and give me the image url. I can code it to have the button of your choice.

    And yeah! I created the bookmarklet myself! :D

    Will see how the analytics go.
    I never have much luck with sharing icons no matter what button or which services I use! :(

    psst: Thanks in advance for the link I get in your blog for all my talent and hard work!
    {ok, enough ego-tripping, I am back to coding…}



    I have finished creating your custom Addthis button code. If you are okay with the button you have now or if you want a different button, please say so ASAP.
    I can’t put the code online without this confirmation!



    @sanjidas, if the only difference between the custom icon and the one you’ve already provided is the inclusion of email form, than don’t worry about it. I am all set as is with your bookmarklet. Hopefully staff is looking at this thread as they should incorporate your work into the support doc for AddThis.. Thanks once again.



    Sorry, I spoke too soon.

    When I click on the Email option from the AddThis page, I get this error: Your request is missing the required parameter ‘username’.

    Perhaps I should use your custom code with the default image. Please send it to ismailimail at gmail dot com



    Somehow pasting the code in the email didn’t work.
    Please do the following.
    Go to this link

    Copy all the contents and paste it in a text file. Save the file as .html
    Now open that file in your browser and drag the link (it says “Addthis button”) to your bookmarklet.

    That’s a bit of work, I know, but we are using, so…

    Staff don’t really look INTO Addthis threads. I have been promoting the correct way and pointing out the inefficiency of the official code. But somehow both Addthis and are sleeping on it.



    Here is a sneak peek of the working email form in Addthis.

    The difference between Addtoany email forms and Addthis email forms:
    Addtoany doesn’t allow the user to put multiple email addresses, but Addthis does. :D
    See an example email form from Addtoany



    Got it, thanks.

    Saving the html file did not work, but I copy/pasted the javascript string to my bookmarklet on the toolbar.



    I see that you have begun to use the Addthis code that also includes the email form. Best of luck with the analytics! :D


    Hi @sanjidas I read the instructions on your blog for adding the Addthis button. Your instructions say the following:

    If you want to add the Addthis sharing button in a blog post, please drag and drop the link below to the Bookmarks Toolbar of your Firefox browser.

    Addthis button

    My Question:
    What if you’re using Safari not Firefox? I tried dragging and dropping the Addthis button link in the toolbar but I don’t think it worked. Any other instructions or suggestions for Safari users?




    For most browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera):

    Drag the bookmsrklet above to your Bookmarks Toolbar


    Ok. Thanks @sanjidas. I’ll try it again.

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