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Adelle color scheme customization

  1. I am using the Adelle theme with the Customization upgrade. Adelle allows you to pick 3 colors for you color scheme. I was wondering if you could customize the colors beyond the 3 colors. The "Title and Primary Accent Color" sets the color of the primary menu to the color you specify and makes the titles and headers a darker version of that color. I was wondering if you could add something to the CSS to have these be different colors. My blog is I like the color of the menu, but it makes for an ugly brown/orange color for the headers and titles. So I'd like to be able to pick a specific color for those. Thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Paste this into the CSS editor, and replace 456789 with the hex for the color you prefer:

    .entry-title, .entry-title a, .comments-title, #respond #reply-title {
        color: #456789 !important;

    For color palettes and corresponding hex numbers, see here:

  3. Ah yes that worked, thank you!

    I also was wondering how to alter the separator that appears at the bottom of pages and at the bottom of blog posts. I want to change it's color, but was also wondering if I could make it not appear on certain pages. I would like it display on the blog roll page, but not on the static pages. Any way to do that?

  4. You're welcome.

    Try this:

    .hentry:after, body.single .content-area:after, .hentry footer:after, body.single .site-content:after {
        border-color: #9C7694;
    .page .hentry:after {
    display: none;
  5. Yes that is great! Thank You!

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