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    I would like to decrease the main column width in Adelle. I have the CSS upgrade.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    This is a responsive width theme, and the primary and secondary parts are set as a percentage width, so my suggestion would be to try working with the max-width in .site to begin with so that it keeps the proportions the same.

    .site {
    max-width: 63.75em;

    I like it. What do you think? Thank you, as always. You are exceptional in the service you provide, Richard. Always a pleasure talking to you.



    It looks good at that width, thank you and you are welcome for the help.



    I too am working on this theme and playing!
    I am wondering about cell padding between my banner menu and the content as well as tightening up the horizontal altogether?

    I tried a few things with the cell padding in CSS but I can’t seem to get it to adjust? I managed to get width to adjust too! Thanks!

    Site is (major work in progress – pls don’t judge!)


    To start with, add this to your CSS and then edit the top margin value to adjust the space between the menu and the content.

    .site-main {
    margin-top: 2.5em;

    And I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. The site looks great.



    Thanks so much! It works – sorta! That is what I was trying to do yesterday, but I can’t get it to stay on just the main home page.

    I did the same for the bottom on the code you gave here, but then it throws off my blog page. It’s all good – I am having an issue accessing my CSS file from the dash board without it taking me to the visual customization page where I can just add code. I used to be able to go to CSS and copy the theme’s original CSS and manipulate in another editor and study it, but today I can’t access it all.

    I want to customize so much on this – but for some reason I hit many road blocks, especially now being unable to go through and read thru the themes CSS.

    I want to add my details to the footer bar, remove some lines, change the blog post “dot” colour, etc.

    I think there are a few bugs with the theme still…when I view it on a PC the SoMe links on the blog are buggered too. Site looks good on a Mac!

    Baby steps I guess!


    Wow, Silverdear, I’m amazed what you’ve been able to get out of this theme. Your site looks great. Thanks for the link on your blogroll. Best wishes.



    To access the original CSS editing page, do this (change blogname to the base of your URL.

    @silverdear, if you only want the adjustment on the home page, then you need to use a more specific selector that will target the home page only. If I had known…

    Adjust as needed.

    .home .site-main {
    margin-top: 2.5em;


    @thesacredpath – AWESOME! Thank you! Thank you! Ugh – I have lots to learn still lol – love it tho!

    @solidgoldcreativity – thank you! Isn’t it amazing how WordPress can bring together so many creative inspiring people!?

    Cheers all!


    You are welcome.



    What about increasing main column width?


    @vixibash, if you use the code I posted in my first reply in this thread and then increase the max-width value you can widen the theme.


    Is it possible to display excerpts on the homepage instead of the full posts?

    I need help with The Suburban Eclectic


    @suburbaneclectic, changing from full posts to excerpts is not something you can do with CSS, that is handled in the theme’s PHP and doesn’t offer the option to edit the theme PHP code.

    You might be interested in trying the more tag as an alternative:


    Thank you designsimply! It worked great!.

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