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Adelle header and navigation menu customization

  1. I am using the Adelle theme with the customize upgrade. I was wondering how far I can push the customization of the header area and navigation menu. For the header, can I add a border around the image like I can for other areas of the site? For the navigation menu, the adelle theme uses a the ribbon-looking menu with the pointed ends. Would it be possible to have the menu not use the ribbon look and instead have the bar be the same height, but stretch all the way to the edge of page? Thank You!

    my blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, of course you can make these changes.

    a) Add this and change the hex:

    .site-header img {
        border: 1px solid #456789;

    Maybe add a shadow effect too? For example:

    .site-header img {
        border: 1px solid #456789;
        box-shadow: 0 2px 5px 2px #BDACAC;

    b) You've added this:

    .site {
        padding: 0 0.8em 0.8em;

    Change it to:

    .site {
        padding: 0 0 0.8em;

    And add this to compensate:

    .site-main {
        padding: 0 0.8em;

    Then add this:

    .navigation-main:before, .navigation-main:after, .site-footer:before, .site-footer:after {
        border: 0 none;
  3. perfect! thank you! Also, how can I center the menu items on the navigation menu?

  4. You're welcome.
    To center the menu items as well as the footer credits, add these:

    #site-navigation .menu-main-container, #site-navigation .menu, .site-info {
        margin-left: 0;
    .navigation-main li {
        display: inline-block;
        float: none;
    .site-info {
        text-align: center !important;
  5. Great again! Thanks for the thoughtful responses! Ok, one more thing- as I make all these changes I keep realizing something else I want to do- Sorry! =O But I would like to have the page titles not appear on the pages, like "Home", "About Me". But I still want the blog titles to appear as they are. So how can I remove those page titles, while leaving the blog post titles alone?

  6. .page .entry-header {
        display: none;
  7. Hi, does anyone know how can i remove the search box from the header in adelle theme?

  8. Hi @objectrehab, the two sites attached to your username are not using Adelle. The Adelle theme here at does not have the search box in the header/menu area. Can you give us the URL of the site you are talking about?

  9. HI @thesacredpath, i already figured it out, it was for another website.
    thank you very much for taking the time.

  10. You are welcome.

  11. Hello! I have upload the Adelle theme on my blog, but the date that apperars in the black circle, on the left side of each post, has gone away. I think it's called "sticky post" and I don't know who to put it back. If anybody knows it, help me please! Tank you

  12. Hi @juliaccoelho, your posts are set to the image post type, and image post types do not display the date. If you want the date to show, edit the posts and set them to standard post type.

  13. Thank you so much for your help!!

  14. You are welcome.

  15. Good Evening Everyone!
    I'm using the Foxy Theme @ and I want to change a couple things but when it comes to css, I'm hopeless! So if you can help me, can you please be very specific about a path to find the right folders and files? I would really appreciate it!!!
    First, I have an irritating "No Categories" text tag at the top of my pages that isn't clickable and makes no sense since I have used every category I have created. I want to get rid of it!
    I would also like to "create" a larger space that is now allowed for the banner at the top. I tried several larger ones and they simply wouldn't work. I'd love to free up the whole header for banner, logo, text.
    One more thing: I can't seem to get the color around the blog box to go all the way to the top to work. <shrug> Any help is greatly appreciated! I've managed to crash WP three times now and had to start over from scratch. I think I have a better hold on it now though. LOL

  16. Hi @caseman260, since your site is a self-hosted wordpress installation using the software from, I would suggest contacting your theme designer or alternately you can post in the Themes and Templates forum at

    These forums are for those hosted here at If you are not familiar with the differences between and, check out our support document.

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