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    Hello, I am using the Adelle theme with the Customize upgrade. This theme has a 3-color scheme, one of which controls the color of links. The original color for this theme was a light coral color, but I have since changed it to purple. When I put links in posts, I get mixed results as to what the color is. Sometimes it is purple, but sometimes it is still coral, even with newer posts. You can see some examples of this on my blog:

    Any idea why this is happening?

    The blog I need help with is



    Purple = unvisited links.
    Coral = visited links.



    Ah I see. Makes sense. Is there a rule in the CSS that I can make to change the color of the visited links?


    Hi there, Adelle has a “visited” link color set, which is set to the rose color. You can add the following to your custom CSS and edit the color code as you desire to change the visited color.

    #content a:visited {
    color: #FF8F85;

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