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    How can I widen or remove the right widget sidebar background?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi ashleywasnick,

    In order to make changes like that to a theme you would need the Custom Design add on product.

    This would allow you to add custom css code that would allow you make those changes.

    Probably the easiest way would be to remove the background color by using code like this below. But again you would need the Custom Design add on before you can add this. You can preview the changes first though to make sure it will look the way you want.

    #secondary {
        background-color: transparent;


    Thank you so much for responding and helping me out!


    No problem at all.


    Sorry to bug you again, but where would I enter that code?


    No problem.
    If you are in your Dashboard, go under Appearance then Custom Design.
    At the top there will be a tab labeled CSS.

    That will bring up the Customizer screen with the CSS box opened on the right hand side.

    There will likely be comments in the box explaining how to use it. You can leave the comments there and put the code underneath them.

    If you’ve purchased the Custom Design product you can then save the changes and they’ll be made live to the site.

    Hope that helps.


    Thank you so much! You are a huge help! :D


    Hi there! I hope you are well. Maybe you can help me again?! I am trying to run a giveaway on my blog (only on one specific post). How do I paste a code in one post to make a giveaway appear? Thanks in advance! :)


    Is the code you are trying to paste JavaScript or an iframe?
    If so you aren’t going to be able to do it on

    You can see this page for what code is allowed and not, and the reasons why.

    If it is code that is allowed you should be able to switch to the Text view in the editor and paste the code in there.

    Hope that helps.


    I am not sure which it is… Here is the code: <script async src=”//” class=”pt-giveaway” data-uuid=”fc981074-39ba-497f-962b-48e48d774941″></script>


    Ah yes, unfortunately that is JavaScript which you won’t be able to use on

    In order to use that you would need to setup a self hosted version of WordPress from and host it with another provider. You can see a bit more info on that at this link if you’re interested

    Sorry I didn’t have better news for you.

    Maybe you could check to see with the company you’re using for the give away and see if they have a different option that would work with


    Ugh! Thank you for letting me know! :)

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