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Adelle Theme: Color and Font Customization

  1. Hello! I've tried to customize my site as much as I could by reading through the feeds, but I'm stuck on a couple of things... I am using the adelle theme.

    How do I change my blog title's (Balance or Bust) color?

    How can I change my tagline's font?

    How can I change the text color of my posts?

    There are also double lines at the bottom of my entries... I don't mind one line, but I don't want two. Can I get rid of one?

    The blog I need help with is


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi kzmart,

    Here is a bit of code with comments for each of the items you described.

    /* Removes the thick line after posts */
    .hentry:after, body.single .content-area:after {
      border-bottom: none;
    /* Replace <your color> with what ever color you would like for the title */ a {
      color: <your color>;
    /* Replace <your font> with what ever font-stack you would like for the tag line */ {
      font-family: <your font>;
    /* Replace <your color> with what ever color you would like for the post text */ .entry-content {
      color: <your color>;

    You can change all your header fonts by using the Customize feature Fonts. But if you want to only change the tag line then the above code should do.
    Here is a link about web safe font-stacks

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks so much for all of the help! Would you be able to help me with the font code for Fertigo Pro Script? It's not listed on the CSS Font Stack website.

  4. No problem.
    I think this might do it for you. {
    font-family: fertigo-script-1,fertigo-script-2,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;

    Let me know if that does it.

  5. Ignore that I think that is wrong, try this instead.

    ` {
    font-family: fertigo-pro-script,inherit;

  6. Those codes did not end up working... thanks for trying, though!

  7. I could be wrong but I believe the reason that it isn't working is because the fonts have to be loaded into the page. Fertigo Pro Script isn't a font everyone has on the computer so in order to use it WordPress has to load it in from another source, TypeKit.

    It does this when you select it as one of the fonts in the Customizer.
    Because you've selected different fonts I don't think we can specify it to be used on the page anywhere.

    I believe you would be limited to one either one of the fonts you selected in the Customizer or one of the web safe fonts that were in the link I sent earlier.


  8. Thanks!

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