Adelle theme not working on mobile using wifi

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    Hi there,

    Having an odd issue. The mobile theme for Adelle is disabled as it optimises without enabling the theme. However, when I am on 3G it works perfectly, when I am on wifi it breaks. Any help would be great.

    When I enable the mobile theme the optimisation is wrong – it shows the full site but not formatted correctly.


    The blog I need help with is



    Adelle is a responsive width theme. Responsive width means the layout adapts depending on the size of the device being used to view your site. When responsive width themes are viewed on mobiles sidebars appear below the posts in order to provide as much space as possible for reading.

    Go here > Appearance > Mobile and disable the mobile theme.


    hi there,

    thanks a lot for your reply. the mobile theme is already disabled
    the issue comes when I connect to wifi, it seems to break but works
    perfectly on 3G. just trying to work out why wifi would break it. have taken some screenshots but can’t seem to attach.



    also, it is the same on iOS and android. wifi breaks the site.

    thanks for your help



    HI mynameistilley,

    If the site works on 3G but not on wifi, my guess is that your wifi connection is slow or timing out, and the code for the site is not fully loading.

    However, it looks like your site is not rendering properly on mobile either way. I’ll report this to our developers so they can take a look at the issue.



    Hello mynameistilley,

    In your Custom CSS you have the following:

    #page {
    	background-color: white;
    	width: 1200px;
    	padding: 25px;

    If you change the width to max-width, for example:

    #page {
    	background-color: white;
    	max-width: 1200px;
    	padding: 25px;

    Does that help solve the issue you are having?


    @blankthemes this worked! thanks very much indeed :) (though i am not techy enough to understand why!).

    the title fonts are slightly different on mobile devices, but not hugely concerned about this.

    @jackiedana thanks for your investigations, it was tested on quite a few wifi networks with the same result if that helps the developers at all.



    Hi mynameistilley,

    Glad that worked for you! Let us know if you have anymore questions. Thanks.

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