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    i’m considering a new blog design and like the style of adelle. I’m not planning to buy the custom design upgrade but will I be able to remove the dots at the top or change any of the colors of banner/text etc? I read that I can add a custom header but didn’t see it in the preview. I assume i’ll have to reestablish that and my text widgets?

    thanks in advance I’ve only had one theme since I started so i’m not sure how this change over to a new theme works!

    The blog I need help with is



    a) No, you can’t remove the dots without the Custom Design upgrade. You can change the color of the blog title and tagline in Appearance > Header. The rest of the colors can’t be changed without the upgrade (except text in the content of a post or a static page or a text widget).
    b) Each theme has different header image dimensions; when you switch to a different theme, you have to insert a header image anew.
    c) When you switch between themes that have a similar structure, the widgets you had added remain in place. When the new theme has a different structure, your widgets move to Inactive (in Appearance > Widgets), and you can drag them back to the sidebar or other widget area of the new theme.


    Ok thank you so much for the detailed answers! I appreciate it



    I was able to remove them by uploading an image as a background. I created a white image in Paint that is 1040 pixels x 250 pixels and saved it as a .png. Then uploaded it as a background image and it worked – the spots are gone.



    Ah yes, my bad. The dots are a bg image, so setting your own bg image will remove them.
    (The image doesn’t have to be 1040×250: if you only want to hide the dots, you upload a tiny image and you set it to tile.)



    Thank you!!! got the dots off as well.


    I can’t seem to upload a picture in the image widget. I have created an image URL via photobucket, but whenever I click to save, it disappears. Has anyone had issues with this?



    @justynaczekaj: Please correct your username link – the blog linked to it doesn’t exist.

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