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Adhesive plugin - sticky posts

  1. My suggestion: that Owen's adhesive plugin code (allowing for 'sticky' posts) be incorporated into the WP code base.
    It's the sort of functionality I bet I'm not the only one would love to have at as well.
    (I'm assuming that Owen would be agreeable to this.)

  2. I'd like to see this as well. We need to submit feedbacks for this one.


  3. Add me to the list of folks all for this functionality!

  4. victoriacarolina

    Moi aussi - one of my biggest fav plugins on my other blogs....

  5. I too agree to have sticky posts.

  6. I agree we need sticky posts, too. :)

  7. absolutement!

  8. I submitted feedback for that a couple weeks ago. Seems like it would be a great one to have, glad to hear others are wanting it also!

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