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    I’d like to adjust the width of the two sidebars in the Yoko theme so they’re the same width.
    It would be good if they are the current combined width, but equal.
    Has anyone got a css suggestion to effect this?
    I’m liking the Yoko theme otherwise.

    The blog I need help with is


    This might be a little tricky since they use percentages for the sidebar widths and because they are not in the same parent div.

    Are you wanting to just equalize them (take width from one and add to the other)?



    Yes, two equal width columns, the same combined width as now.


    With this being a reactive design theme, give me a little time on it so that I can figure out exactly how to do it without messing anything else up.


    Give this a try. As I said it is tricky due to the way they designed the theme and you have to work a lot of stuff together to adjust things and not have it blow up. Make sure and check it in as many browsers as you can. It is fine for me in Safari and Firefox on my Mac, but I don’t know about Chrome or Internet Explorer.

    #secondary {
    margin-left: 3.054%;
    width: 21.275%;
    #tertiary {
    width: 17.775%;
    #main {
    width: 79.59%;

    I should mention that they are not entirely equal, but within a few pixels of each other.



    Looks great.
    Many thanks.


    You are welcome.



    Looks good in Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari running on Windows.


    Glad to hear that. One can never be sure, especially with IE. It sometimes (many times) confounds me.

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