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adjust Facebook widget appearance size

  1. Hi,

    Does anybody know how could I change the appearance size of my "Like on Facebook" widget? my theme is Digg 3 Coloumn.
    So the Like on Facebook box is double size of its content, takes twice as much place (idle) as it should. Is there any option to resolve it?

    thanx Alex

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Funny - I had the same thought. Because I have the CSS upgrade, I used the scroll bars trick to further reduce the length of it. You can set the width in widget options for free.

  3. alexandracoach

    okay, I'm in the CSS Stylesheet Editor, it says type in what you want to change... what should I type, what should I do? Well, i dont have upgrade, and at the moment not going to upgrade either. would it be obstacle?

    thanks for your help :)

  4. Before you mess with the CSS, just change the width in the widget options. That really should solve your problem, especially since you don't have the CSS upgrade.

  5. alexandracoach

    I'm in the CSS stylesheet, but don't know which code is for the Facebook Like widget...

  6. alexandracoach

    aah, just got your reply, ok, im going there..

  7. alexandracoach

    haha :D i forgot to tell you, i've tried it already, since my problem is the length, and not the width :) i've lowered the width more, but it doesn't help on the main problem. it still looks...
    it's btw. well, i can only rearrange the order of the widgets, so the end of the FB box won't be that in front of eyes.

    Thank you anyway!

  8. alexandracoach

    ahaha.... I resolved it... i know now why... I unticked the "show faces", so there is no spare space anymore. The space was for the faces there! (and since only my face was there, there was a huge empty box, waiting for other "Likers"..)
    it's been a few hours... :D

  9. Ah OK. From what I saw, it looked too wide. But yes, removing the faces cleans up the box. If you're happy now, you might want to mark this topic resolved.

  10. alexandracoach

    thank you for your assistance Vivian! and im marking resolved :)

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