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    Hello there,

    A while pack I purchased the CSS upgrade for my chateau theme. I’ve managed to do everything that I want with this upgrade, however, when I try to increase the width of the images from the standardised 529 pixels to 700 nothing happens. Therefore I am wondering how I can do this? I have tried to do this simply by adjusting the number on the CSS page however that does not seem to be working so I’m wondering if I need a CSS code for this? If so, what would that be?

    I would be very grateful if anyone could help me!

    The blog I need help with is


    The content area is not 700px wide. That is why the image is not coming in at 700px. The width of the content area has to be increased. If you do this, you will have 700px width for your images, BUT, this means that anyone on a monitor that is less than 1350px in width will have to scroll horizontally to see your partially obscured sidebar, and the 20% of people that are still on 1024px wide monitors will not see your sidebar at all. This also means you will have to create a new header image that is 1350px wide and insert it and click the “use as is” button at appearance > header to keep it from being cropped to the original size.

    #page-inner, #footer-inner, #copyright-inner {
    max-width: 1350px;

    Since you’ve moved the post extras (tags) below the content area for posts, then making the content body a bit wider without changing the overall width of the theme might be a good alternative for you:

    .post-entry {
    .post-extras {

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