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Adjusting paragraph spacing.

  1. I am trying to make paragraph spacing larger than it is, would like what Word would call 1.5. I've tried everything I can think of in visual and text. I've read a hundred forum posts and online articles. Nothing is helping. Am I THAT dumb????????? I hope not!

    The issue in particular is this poem:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, but I don't find that intelligible and if I really have to set about some extraordinarily complicated procedure to put a line space into a blog entry I'm afraid I'm going to be looking for a new place to blog!

    There must be a relatively straightforward way of paragraph spacing, this is a new problem for me, it didn't used to be an issue.

  3. No, there's no straightforward way: websites and browsers aren't word processors.
    Do you want to change the line spacing of some paragraph(s) in one particular post, or all the content in one post, or the content of all posts?

  4. Or tell me what exactly you'd like to change in the poem you point to. Are you referring to the space between successive lines of a paragraph, or the space between a paragraph and the next? (At the moment both of these are just as they are supposed to be on the theme you're using, so I don't understand your "didn't used to be an issue". Can you link to an older post where things looked different?)

  5. Oh, I"m sorry, I see what you mean, the paragraph spacing is the same. So, maybe what I want to know is how to make it bigger than one when I want to. Perhaps that is what I don't understand what to do, but maybe that is simply for the too hard basket.

  6. The facts:
    a) The web standard is one blank line after a paragraph. So you cannot add extra space by hitting return again like you could do in a word processor: you need coding in the so-called Text editor.
    b) The exact amount of space below a paragraph (as well as between the lines of a paragraph) is part of the default styling of the theme, and it varies from theme to theme. So you may get different results if you switch to a different theme, and you can change the default styling once for all if you have the Custom Design upgrade. But if you want to change the styling here and there, upgrade or no upgrade you need coding again.

    At first I misunderstood your question, because I saw you mention "what Word would call 1.5", which refers to line spacing. Now that what you meant is clear to me, the link you needed isn't the one I originally gave, it's this post of mine:
    To tailor things to the theme you're using, when you want extra space below a paragraph you need to code it this way:

    <p style="margin-bottom:1.4em;">

    The default in the theme you're using is 0.7em below as well as above a paragraph, so 1.4em will give you 3/2 of the original space between paragraphs. Obviously you can change the number to adjust the space.

  7. You have been very kind to take this trouble, thanks so much!

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