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Adjusting the Author Widget

  1. Re: the AUTHOR WIDGET..., could you make it possible to ADJUST the order of authors shown? Currently, it only lists the authors alphabetically.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would also like to see this.

  3. To any Happiness Engineer who may be reading this:

    Has there been any consideration of this yet?
    It would truly be helpful to those of us with multi-author blogs, and much appreciated...

  4. You can do it using a Links widget or a Text widget.

  5. By any chance, do you have an example of this, justpi?

    I'm pretty hopeless at HTML, which I believe is how I'd have to configure the text widget. Not even sure how to go about using the Links widget for this.

    I DO appreciate the suggestion, and I'll take a look to see if a primer exists somewhere, but without some instructions, there's no way for me to do it.

  6. For both solutions you need the author URLs:
    And you need your gravatar URLs. If you had uploaded your gravatars to your blog, you go to Media Library, locate each image, click Edit, copy the File URL from the Save module. If you hadn't uploaded them to your blog, you go to Media > Add New, upload them from your computer then click Edit and copy the File URL from the Save module.

    Links widget solution:
    a) You go to Links > Add New, enter the author name in the Name field, paste the author URL into the Web Address field, create an "Authors" category, paste the image URL in the Image Address field, set a rating number, click Add Link. Same thing for the second author, only the Authors category will now be there to select, of course, and you set a different rating number. The link with the higher rating number will show above the other one.
    b) You go to Appearance > Widgets, add a Links widget to Sidebar, set the Category pulldown to "Authors" and the Sort By pulldown to "Link rating", check the options "Show Link Image" and "Show Link Name", save, drag to reposition.

    Text widget solution:

    <a href="AUTHOR1 URL HERE"><img style="width:48px;" src="IMAGE1 URL HERE" alt="IMAGE1 DESCRIPTION HERE" /></a> <a href="AUTHOR1 URL HERE">AUTHOR1 NAME HERE</a>
    <a href="AUTHOR2 URL HERE"><img style="width:48px;" src="IMAGE2 URL HERE" alt="IMAGE2 DESCRIPTION HERE" /></a> <a href="AUTHOR2 URL HERE">AUTHOR2 NAME HERE</a>

    That's a basic solution - the appearance can be modified any way you please.

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