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How can I adjust the calendar widget width?

  1. walkingwithcaminante

    I am using the Structure theme and have a calendar on the left sidebar. I edited the font and now the calendar is scrunched to the left of the sidebar instead of spanning the width of the sidebar. Is there anyway I can specifically edit this? Thanks so much for your help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Add the following to the bottom of your custom CSS.

    #wp-calendar {
        width: 100%;
  3. walkingwithcaminante

    Thank you so much!!! Hope you are enjoying a terrific week!

  4. You are welcome and the same to you.

  5. Dear walkingwithcaminante/thesacredpath,

    How can I find a calendar like the one you're talking about? I started my blog about fashion and I need a calendar to schedule my events and show them to people.

    Sorry but I'm not very "tekkie"...Thanks a lot!


  6. The calendar they are using is not a schedule calendar, it is just a calendar where you can click on a particular day to see the posts they made on that day.

    You can use a Google calendar though: .

  7. Thank you very much thesacredpath!! I appreciate your answer!

  8. walkingwithcaminante

    Thanks for the quick replies thesacredpath! Best of luck with your blog and calendar cristinabordas.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Walkingwithcaminante, thank you too!! ;-)


  10. You are welcome.

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