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admin bar & pressrow header size

  1. what happen to the 'edit post' and 'edit page' buttons at the top admin bar? i've chosen pressrow as my theme which for it's clean lovely look does not have an edit button at any of its posts and pages.

    and what's the measurements for the image header for pressrow pls?

  2. yeah, the 'edit post' button in the admin bar was awesome, bring it back, please!

    the header image is 770x200

  3. I was just going to ask the same thing.Trying out Pressrow. Please bring back the edit post, edit page and edit comment ability that I had from the main blog when logged into my blog. It's a step backward without them. Or were they left out intentionally??

  4. You also can't include the tag-line, which I'd like to be able to do as in other themes. Does the Header title font have to be quite so large?

    Also, any reason why no search option in this theme?

  5. bg: theme-dependent? you can use the search widget if thr isn't a search in the theme.

    sbk: thanks for the header size.

  6. Thanks Sulz!

  7. I really miss the edit page/post/comment button in the admin bar. It was so convenient!

    Bring it back WP!! ;)

  8. Correction - I find that you CAN edit comments. I complety missed this for some reason. Duhh... But you cannot currently edit posts and pages from these when you are logged in which I really would like back and the theme doesn't allow comments on pages.

  9. I'm adding my 2 cents to this to plea.

    (1) Along with sunburntkamel the others I ask please bring the edit functions back to the admin bar.

    (2) Please make comments on pages an option on "pressrow" and all other themes too.

    (3) I would also like to see a tag line option on the "pressrow" theme.

    (4) I like the big header space on "pressrow" please do not make it smaller. There are lots of themes with smaller headers.

  10. Thanks TT :) I've got used to the large header... I actually quite like it now.

  11. All,
    Matt's posted an update on the Pressrow thread in relation to (Item 1) editing posts and pages from the post or page in question. check it out.

    When you are actually on the post, an "edit" link appears in the admin bar. From here you can get into the editor and edit the post or page.

  12. Poppy--still working on getting UP to newbie status--here. On Pressrow: could you all tell me what happened to photo you got when you switched to this theme? Did you get the photo in the sample? Some other photo?

    When I switched on Pressrow: I did not get my three panels of poppies that was in the original template I had, didn't get photo shown in sample --entirely different photo appeared. What did you get?

    I had a line of copy across the poppies: POOFF! Can anyone tell me: how to get it back? I can see it, still, in my Dashboard, but I can't make it appear. How to?

    ~Britgirl asked "search" box: mine has a window marked "search" --I way didn't 'bring it' it just appeared --I assume it is to search the blog, so why doesn't yours have one?

    --Oh, look --I have nice looking new ? now, kewl. (Who did dat? If I wait long enough, to read those How To tutorials, will pictures just appear by themselves?)

  13. Thanks for adding the link TT forgot.
    Poppy I am not sure I understand what you are asking, but...
    do you mean the header? It gets replaced when you upload your custom header. If you want to reset the original theme header there is an option in Dashboard> Presentation > Custom Header > Reset Header Image and Colour: Restore original header.

    By the way you have to upload your custom header again (is that your query?)

    I didn't have a search box originally so I added it by the widget. Not sure if you are saying there is one by default or not.

    I have no idea what you mean by your third point... sorry :)

  14. like tt and bg i like the huge header! but yes bg the title at the top is really huge and the font's not great. sorry what matt said is not true, i just tested going into a post and no 'edit post' appear, and that's why i started this 'gripe' thread.

  15. @britgirl
    poppy needs step by step instructions as to how to upload her previous poppy header into the new theme. I have company coming for dinner and some loose ends to tie up here will you please accomodate?

  16. poppy: if you don't mind my replying late (by tonight or tomorrow the latest), i can send a step-by-step to your email. my email's [email redacted]

  17. The last time anyone posted an email address on the forum sulz they were mightily spammed. You do understand that spammers lurk on this forum, right? Everyone understands that's what these lowlives from hell do, right?

  18. that's why i'm giving out this hotmail account instead of the gmail you email to. this is my spammer email, lol

  19. Apologies to: All. I'm sorry.

    a) The photo that showed up when I switched to new Template: I LIKE it, alot. I just don't know where it came from, how/why I got it, so I was wondering if YOU received a surprise photo too?

    b) Don't need instructions, yet, on how to change photo, but thank you, anyway.

    c) How do I get back the copy --the title(???) that went accross the photo I HAD. --The copy disappeared when I switched Templates; need instructions how to get it to appear

    d) ~Sulz: so sorry. I'm Fine with the surprise photo in new Template; Fine with the twin ?? next to my posts. Go back and EDIT your post: remove your address. --I'll be upset if you get spam attack trying to help me(--winces--).

    e) DO need help: How to put back the copy/title/words --that ran accross the old photo.

  20. "Fraid I can't help you there Poppy, maybe sulz?
    I think though you may mean the tag line - if so, you can't add it back as the theme doesn't appear to allow it. I had the words "Interests of a Brit living in Toronto" running across my header in my previous theme... but can't include it now.
    If something different, perhaps sulz can help.

    @ sulz - I got the edit post/page link showing ok on my Pressrow theme - but ONLY when you click on the title of the post to go into it.It is the last link across the top of the blue admin bar...or it should be.

  21. "...But you cannot currently edit posts and pages from these when you are logged in..."

    Are you all saying: the Blue Dashborad bar is gone from top of "Pressrow" template? My Dashboard is gone --want it back. HOW: does one access Dashboard --to do anything, if it's gone from the Home page??? WHY ever would THAT be taken out --what were they thinking? The Template is Useless if you can't do anything. That just seems NUTS.


  22. @poppy
    Click a post title. When you click the title of any post in "Pressrow" then the edit option appears on the admin toolbar. Matt said this in his post here britgirl repeated it.

    britgirl said - I got the edit post/page link showing ok on my Pressrow theme - but ONLY when you click on the title of the post to go into it.

    Because you had Sapphire as a theme before your header was 760 x 180 pixels. So if you want to use the same header with the same words you had before in this new "pressrow" theme then you have to make it large eough to do that. In windows upload the picture you had before into "paint" and re-size it to 770 pixels x 200 pixels. Now when you upload it into "Pressrow" it will "fit". The other alternative is to leave it the size it is now and then you will have a black border filling in all the spoace that is too small. You make the call on that.

    On a personal note I would like to ask you for a favour. poppy please slow down and read okay? And please don't type so many words to express something that can be said in just a few. It would also be much easier for me to read if you would stop speaking that strange lingo and just speak in English to me, please, please, please ...
    You see I have a vision problem and reading your posts is far more challenging than it needs to be for me ... please help me out here so I can do a better job helping you, okay?

  23. bg: i see the edit post and edit page now but i'm in my college comp lab and it's using ie. before class i tried it at home with my firefox but it couldn't. i'll check again tonight at home.

    poppy: a) yes i have a picture of books which goes very well with my blog. what picture did you have?

    d) i can't edit my post now but it's ok i said that's my spam email. whenever i sign up for useless surveys that's the email i use.

    e) that's theme-dependent, some themes put your blog title on your header but pressrow doesn't.

    and you should have your blue admin bar at the top. if it's not, that might be because you're not logged in. otherwise, it's time for the feedback form.

    tt: i have trouble reading those tiny fonts nowadays too. i hope it's not my eye worsening. i wear very thick glasses as it is.

  24. "...the edit post/page link showing Pressrow theme - ONLY when you click on the title of the post"
    "When you click the title of any post in
    "Pressrow" then the edit option appears on the admin toolbar"
    " should have your blue admin bar at the top. if it's not, that might be because you're not logged in

    ~Nope, it doesn't appear: I've logged out/in/out. Click on a post title: only Comment window opens; NO Admin bar. Why? I'll ask

    "picture of books"
    ~Me too, I like it; but it is not in the sample of the template --nor what's in others' so I wondered if picture was just my dumb luck

    " use the same header with the same words you had before..."
    ~I'll keep as is for now, save your instructions, Thanks TT.

    TT "...easier for me to read if you would stop speaking that strange lingo and just speak in English to me..."
    ~LOL...say what??? I know jargon of seven fields, none 'computerese,' so I keep trying to explain what I mean (!) descriptively --clearly not well, lol! Will try --less!

    Sulz: you Do know: >"View" (--menu Toolbar, in IE) >scroll down to "text" >change font size
    --you can change font size --of ANY kind of page, even this Forum --right?
    On email/spam issue: okay

    Meanwhile, fonts of "Pressrow": very beautiful. If I could change the background, to less white (lol) = Nirvana....

  25. ok now i finally see those edit page and post. *thumbs up*

    pp: i do know we can adjust font size but some blog for some reason cannot do so, like two xanga ones i regularly read.

  26. Hi, I just started my first blog, and I'm using the press row theme. I'm using a custom header, but how do I get rid of the regular header at the top? It seems silly to have two headers for the same blog. Is there any way to get rid of what's above the black line? Thanks!

  27. do as i did, i erased my blog name in the dashboard options.

  28. @offseason
    I see you didn't understand sulz because you still have two. Here's how to get rid of the blog title

    -> dashboard -> options -> delete weblog title -> click "udate options"

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