Admin Bar and new changes to WP: Suggestions

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    Re the newly empty Admin Bar, and the changes of last week and few months:

    After reading a lot of forum posts over the past few days and speaking with other people who are using WordPress professionally, I’d like to start a thread that consists of useful requests from experienced users regarding recent changes.

    The things that strike me as the most important are:

    1. Please remove all menus and anything important from the upper right of the window. The upper right is a place where things fall off of the edge of the Earth for smallscreen users.

    2. Avoid dropdown crossovers- not all devices handle this smoothly and it’s adding difficulty, not ease, to the WP experience.

    3. Either leave the most used menu items in the Admin bar, or make it user-customizable. Things I need at a one-button click are “New” and “Edit”. Allowing me to format my own admin bar would be INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL.

    4. Please consider adding a “Switch to Mobile Version” toggle somewhere in the upper left, so that mobile devices unregonized by WP can easily change.

    5. Please bring back the ability to place a hard return after an image insertion. This one recent loss has really cost me a lot of seconds of my life, having to go back and place the return after the text has been typed. It’s especially difficult from a mobile without a stylus.

    Thanks so much for listening, I’m sure that WordPress wants to provide the most useful and smooth experience for its users as possible. There are many of us who are fully committed, and are paying customers, and we’re a good solid base for you. The easier you make the interface, more we love you.

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