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Admin bar AWOL

  1. MY Admin bar has disappeared. Yes I have cleared by browser cache and cookies and my TT version is 10.0.2

  2. lol "TT" was meant to be FF as in Firefox

  3. Hehe, timethief v10.0.2. :)

    Is this on ?

    Do you see any improvement if you check or uncheck "Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages" at Users -> Personal Settings in your Dashboard?

  4. I don't have it here or on my blogs. Must go to make a deilvery that must be on next ferry. Will do as you suggest when I return.

  5. It's back.

  6. Yay! :)

  7. Mine is gone. Using Firefox on Ubuntu 11.1.

  8. I told you ladies I don't like FF. But I am having a giggle that the gremlins get you two too. Reassures me you are human afterall and only superheroes in your spare time!

  9. I just saw it myself, but wasn't able to grab any useful data. It just came back, so I think this may be intermittent. If it's still happening when the folks with super powers are awake, we'll track it down.

  10. top bar missing from individual thread (this) but visible in main forum and individual blog - Firefox what ever latest is

  11. And I was thinking this was happening only with me. I was going to ask here but it appeared after a short interval.
    Great to see you here. :)

  12. Oh mine is again missing. There must be a ghost here.

  13. Is it just in the forums for you folks? That's the only place I'm seeing it.

  14. Yes sir!
    I can't see the admin bar at the top of the forums page i-e where my username should be, wordpress icon and other stuff you know the black tap. I can't see it even after refreshing browser.

  15. There is no top nav bar when I am here at this Post ( or any other individual Post / thread)

    I do have a top nav bar on my blog and in the main forum page,

  16. Same here.

  17. Not just FF! Chrome17 on Win7, too.


  18. And FWIW-the time I just posted in the forums is offset -2 hours. Isn't it supposed to be showing each person their own timezone?

  19. I'm using chrome17.0 and having the problem. This was sorted temporarily but messed up again. I'm not seeing it even on the main forum page. I've the screenshot in the text widget

  20. MacManx - good question - fine on my blog, but no, I don't have it in the forums either!

    IE here, although I can try Chrome but others already have.

  21. I don't have it in the forums either.

  22. Ok, so definitely in the forums only, thanks for confirming!

    I'll pass it along and we'll get this fixed.

  23. OK, thanks James.

    The time offset thing is a bit strange, though. When I was logged out my post time above showed correctly; now that I'm logged in, the -2 hour offset is back again.

  24. When I am logged out I see the Post as the correct local time for @justjennifer at 7:24 AM Pacific Time in the U.S - when I am logged in I see local time for @just jennifer - 3:24 pm her local time if my memory of the time offsets is correct.

  25. And now the timestamp is showing correctly! Either I need another coffee or I've had too much already! LOL

    Can we put this down to the caching problem we've been experiencing?

  26. Woo I see the admin bar! Thanks for fixing it!

  27. Same here, one Admin bar currently present in single forum threads.

  28. All fixed up now.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  29. Thanks a ton Macmanx.

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