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Admin Bar Glitchy

  1. Is anyone else experiencing this? the admin bar was working fine up till today, when suddenly it became fussy. I can hover, but nothing drops down, or if it does, I can't click on it. If you go to the drop-down and expand it to the side, like going to the list of My Blogs, then opening up the details for one of those blogs in the side, it goes POOF and vanishes. When I click on the admin bar, no matter where I click on it, I just go to my main blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes I am experiencing similar problems... no way to select correctly in the submenu (dashboard, statistics, read blog) but it seemed to me that it depends of the page where you are.
    Clicking on My Blogs drives me on the main blog so to get the submenu I must not click, just hover. My account drives me to my public profil and the third one (info) does not drive me anywhere.

  3. Hover on My Blogs is valid only when I am in one of my pages... Clicking drives to main blog.
    Added to this I wrote to the support about the submenu in the statistics page:
    In fact for my 2 first blogs, no problem, the whole submenu appears including Read Blog. But as soon as I want to reach Read Blog for the third one..."Read Blog" disapears...and I guess that If I had a fourth one," Read blog" and "ManageComments" would not appear... and if I had a 5th one, "Statistics" would not appear any more... and so on... and so on.
    Support's answer :
    Unfortunately, this is just a side effect of the way Flash works on the web. The stats graph is displayed in Flash, and this causes it to hide all other elements of the page that overlap it. Note that you can still use the menus - when your mouse hovers over a menu option, it's still clickable.

    True if you can reach it because of what Raincoaster described...

  4. I can't manage to get into a blog by the name prostinas. It's full of pages of links or something. It seems to be nonsense and fails to run fully so I can't get to the alert button.

  5. For me the admin bar went fussy yesterday, no drop down menu at all. Only happens in the forums. Elsewhere fine.

    FF 3.6.8 on several different computers

  6. Here in the forums last night my sub menu was acting funny it keep disappearing when I try to click on one of the links... As of right now the drop down menu doesn't show up here in the forum...

  7. I'm experiencing exactly what you are, Jennifer, with the same browser.

  8. The admin bar drop down menus are not working on forums pages, I'm looking at a fix.

    I've added a delay and forgiveness when navigating menus. This is stop them from disappearing as soon as your mouse moves slightly outside of a menu. It should help make it easier to navigate sub menus.

    Are you experiencing missing menus on pages outside of the forums?

  9. Andy, for me the problem occurs only in the forums, no where else. I get the hover action (depressed button), but bupkes as far as menus dropping down or out.

  10. Thanks for the feedback, I'll have the admin bar on forums pages fixed up very soon.

  11. Definitely working MUCH better now on the blogs. Hopefully it'll be good in the forums soon.

  12. The admin bar should be fixed now on forum pages.

  13. It's now ceased to function on my blogs :(

  14. It's working again! lol :)

  15. Working just fine in the forums now Thanks for the quick fix also thank you for adding a delay forgiveness period now the menu works like a charm...

  16. deadlyknitshade

    The "My blogs" drop down on mine is glitchy. It disappears before I can pick one of the options.

    *weeps uncontrollably that free things doesn't work good*

  17. No more problem in the forums or when I am visiting my blogs... but the problem remains as soon as I am trying to use the submenu when I am in the "grey pages" : No way to reach "Read blog" to go back to my blog because submenu disappears before I can reach the option.

  18. Okay the problem has reacquired again when I am in my Dashboard on any of my blogs the sub menu will not stay open long enough to get past the the dashboard option but the admin bar works fine here in the forums.. So basically the issue has revered it self...

    I made a short video showing whats happening on my screen

  19. I am bumping this thread because it had resolved status when I submitted my reply and the issue is not resolved since it's a new issue that started today...

  20. It's still fiddly. It took eight tries to get to the dashboard.

  21. Now it's fiddly everywhere BUT in the forums! LOL It drops down but dang if I can scoot over to click on one of my blogs' sub-menus.

  22. It's because staff are using these supercomputers tied to Matt's brain and we're all working off the equivalent of stone tablets and bearskins.

  23. @raincoaster @justjennifer Is it still buggy for you? If so can you get in touch with us and let us know the URLs of pages where it's not behaving properly?


  24. Since I'm still having a problem in my Dashboards, I just sent Support a note, but forgot to mention I'm using FF 3.6.8. Will check in again tomorrow as it's late for me here.

  25. @justjennifer Great, I'll add that note to the support thread. Cheers!

  26. Still glitchy everywhere except the forum. I can use the drop-down on the first blog on the list, but not subsequent ones except if I'm in the forum at the time.

  27. OK-this is now resolved for me in so far as using the grandchild menus on my Dashboard pages. :)

  28. @apeatling just put in another update for us. Thanks!!

    I tested it too and it's working for me now on forums and admin pages.

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