Admin bar has disappeared

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    admin bar disappeared

    The blog I need help with is



    Where did it disappear from?
    Exactly which URL do you not see it on now that you did see it one before?
    I see it here


    1. My admin bar has disappeared and I AM logged in

    2. Also, when i was creating my blog yesterday there was a very convenient “chat” option in the lower right corner – and the support person was very helpful…today i CANNOT FIND that chat option?

    Any advice welcome


    I don’t see it at this url:

    But i DO see it on the url you posted


    It appears that missing backslash is the difference

    Any thoughts on the chat support?



    I have zero thoughts on chat support. If you purchased a business upgrade then you can use it to contact Staff or you can tag this thread with modlook in the sidebar for their attention.

    business plan bundle details


    I appreciate your help…didn’t realize the difference in the “/” of the URL or that it would cause an admin bar appearance

    So thanks!



    You’re welcome and please note what I said above for support.


    I’ll look into that…haven’t upgraded yet – need to see just how this goes for a bit first

    …love your hair btw!

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