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Admin bar not showing up in mapped domain

  1. I just started using a domain ( rather than the wordpress address ( I made my blogging url and it works great. However, the admin bar won't seem to show up on the new domain. If I go to /admin on my blog's address so I'm logged in, I'm right into the dashboard, but the admin bar at the top will not seem to show up for me on this domain and I don't get links for editing stuff. I've tried logging off and then back on again, but that didn't seem to take care of it. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  2. That's odd, it works fine for me on my blogwith domain mapping.

    What browser/operating system are you using? Have you tried another browser?

  3. If your blog is mapped to your new domain, I think you still have to edit, post and such from the domain (

  4. @edsunder
    Off Topic: Totally awesome photos! I'm linking your site. :)

  5. I'm using IE7. I understand about editing at the other address and I'm fine with that. I just really want the "Edit this" link to show up.

  6. This sure sounds like you will need staff help to me. If they don't get to you before tomorrow then support hours are 9-5 PM Pacific time on weekdays.

  7. Getting back to carocat's question though. Have you tried another browser?
    Cleared your cookies and cache, etc.?

  8. Mine went out once after a domain upgrade. It is something that staff sorted for me.


  9. I've tried clearing cache and logging out and stuff. The wierd thing is that right now on this site, the admin bar shows up just fine.

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