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    I am having a conflict between a site moving to – my attempts to set up the new admin keep defaulting to the dashboard – below is the message I posted at but no one is answering – maybe someone here knows how to override this admin problem. Thank you

    I have previously set up a blog [using] and went through the same steps [but installing it in the root folder] as the first time but am having a problem with a new blog on a different site.

    The new site has a blog at [ / aka] They also have their own url/server with two subdomains – one named blog and a new one I named wp

    At they paid to have the blog redirect to the blog sub-domain [which does not appear to have any cancellation option]. At the server both the root domain and the blog sub-domain forward to the blog.

    I named the wordpress folder “wp” and uploaded to the wp sub-domain.

    When I try to set-up admin it takes me to the dashboard. Is the problem with the forwarding? They don’t want to have any of their current link backs affected so I don’t want to release the domain forward unless it’s the only way to fix the problem. I’m sure this must be something simple but??? Any ideas are appreciated

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not sure I understand exactly what the problem is, but did you repoint the domain? The instructions are in the Domain Mapping entry in the support area here. Scroll down to find it.

    Beyond that, for installation issues you really do need to get help at Be patient. Sometimes it takes a few hours to get an answer there, sometimes a few days. Or weeks.



    Thanks – …weeks? really!

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